COVID-19 Closure


Public health official, Julie Gibbs of the Riley County Health Department, has issued a 14 day STAY AT HOME Order. This Order is effective until 12:01 am on Sunday, April 12th.

Our business must cease operations until then.

We are committed to protecting our employees, customers, friends and neighbors. All of us. We are also firmly committed to continuing to serve the community of Manhattan and the surrounding area while maintaining a safe distance.

We will be communicating by email:
Also, visit us online at and FB.

If you have finished repairs or items to pick up, please know that they will be safe here until there is an opportunity for you to get them.
We appreciate your understanding. Let’s all do our part to get through this situation and welcome better days to come.

For any questions, contact Brian Danenberg and Kate Narrow at the store
(785) 776-7821, or by cell - call or text (785) 251-0825

Stay healthy and safe! We thank you for your support!

-The Team at Danenberg Jewelers